Thursday, January 27, 2005

Life is to short, to worry. DUH! But I have not come to that conclution, to the point of acting with it, untill now. Why do we, humans, think so much about what we do. I mean, if I sit here and ask my self what the best anwser is, I am more likely to have missed my chance, then not to have. Plus, it has been proven that when takeing a test, to always go with your first idea, DONT QUESTION YOUR SELF. But we do. So my question to the world is, where would you be if you had not been reading this, well go there. And if that place, is not going to help your obtan your goal in life, go somewhere else. Life is to short to sit and read this blog, unless that is your goal, or you need to vent some steam, and by reading this blog, that happens. (That is the case with me)

So go and live life, carpi deim, or noctum, or what ever you want to say. JUST CARPI VITA, seize life.
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