Saturday, January 08, 2005

It is the question the drives us!

I was told a few moments ago, by a friend, that my poem was good. I asked her why. She said that at first she did not get it, but the more she read it the more she got, and the more she liked, but still she did not get all of it.

1) That humans like not understanding things the first time. We want to be able to understand things, but we do not wish for those things to come easy.
2) That we are built to do things n times (where n is greater then one).
3) The more we try to understand the more we understand. But we can never completely understand all things. Most people try to understand, and only half hear what is said.

1) My firend read the poem the second time because she did not get it. We watch movies, like the matrix, that we can have little possiblety of complete understanding. We watch them over and over again.
2) We read books we like again. We read poems we like again. We play games we like, again. We eat food, watch tv shows. We talk to people, and got out with people we like, again. We do what we like to do, more then once. So simple things like reading a short poem are easy to do twice and there fore liked more.
3) My exboss listened only to have of what I said. Once i get to a crutal point, where things seem right and done, she would stop listening and then boom, she was lost, did not understand. But she was not willing to ever admit that. So i dont work there




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