Thursday, December 23, 2004

Quotes, From My Readers

"It's no longer about flying over the tallest building or being a hero it's about making money and being better than those who came before you."

Kaylyn Barnard, from a "Dreams" comment

Barrowing Pants

Barrowing Pants

Once again I have been doing a lot of thinking on changing. There are some people in this world that never change. I know that might not seem important in trying to find away to make and abrupt change smoothly. But think of it this way. In this world we have two types of people, those who are willing to change (the normal public), and those who are not (such as recluses), but if we have two extremes why cant we have middlemen. I know that last time I said changing was binary. But I am questioning that right now. I am starting to think that we can half change, (at least to ourselves, since someone would see you are different and there for changed.) But in our minds we half change all the time. Say we want to become someone, and then halfway to our goal, we stop, that is a partial change. As my physics teacher would say it is all about point of view.

I was watching Office space, which I must say was a mix between stupid and funny, but really neither. The hero of the movie keeps asking people what they would do if they have a million dollars. Most of the time he gets the question why asked right back to him. Then he says that what ever you would do is what your job is supposed to be. I like this logic, if I did not have to worry about money, and just wanted to do something I would most likely like what I was doing right? I sure hope so. So from this I see a lot of people in school barrowing peoples pants. Changing looks with some one else, taking their dream. If two friends grow up together, and end up with the same job, they most likely copied each other, barrowed each others pants for so long that every one else thinks that Person ones paints are person twos paints.

Now if we apply the changing paints idea with make a gradual change between high school and college. I see two ways of doing this. The first is a buddy. I know it sounds stupid and childish, but it makes since. The younger person looks up to the older one. The younger one then grows to be like the older. Now no body wants to be pared up with some kid they don’t even know. I guess bothers or sisters would work, but because we don’t want to limit the older boy from have both a mentor and where he can go to school (since he has to stay to metro his brother). I have a second idea. Slowly movie the kids from the classroom of a high school environment to one of a college. They get the openness college gives and the security the High school supports.

In some English classes I have seen this idea used. The teacher acts more as a mediator over things like book discussion. So each person gets what there pears think, not what the teacher thinks. Yes I see that this will cause people to fallow two or three persons ideas, but I think that is better then the whole student body being brain washed by the teacher.

This is the second part of a many part article, please comments on the ideas posted so far. I am still very much working on this idea, so if I said something here, or if I say something latter on that does not run in fluency with the idea proposed, please comment and tell me. I will write a nice little explanation and tack it on to the next part of the article.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Quick Update

Just thaguht I would say that "Changing in Public" part 2 is in the works and comeing out soon.

Also i thaught i would tell you all that I am reading Essential Meanings from Philosophy, et cetera right now. Along with that i am reading lost the this link on that page and maybe Quine book. so expect to see these ideas comeing up.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Changing In Public

Changing In Public

I have found that change is not nice. Really, it hurts. I don't mean on a physical level, but yet on the level of ones mind. We, humans, change all the time. Yes? But most of the changes are binary, left or right. But every once in a while we run in to a real change. Like college, middle school. Like getting fired from a job, or going to war. We are left to go somewhere, but don't know where that place is. Life tosses our fate into the rye, and we are sent to find it. But where do we go.

Right now College is the thing, that is catching to attention of all 12th graders in high school. Some are asking if weather or not they want to go, others are asking where, while even more are asking what do i want to do in college. It really is a hard dissision. But why?

Society has made college out to be more then it is?

If that was true I would be a much happier man. If i could just say to myself, “Chase, its just college.” But in someways, i think that telling that to my self might be right. Humans love to over dramatize things. Look at soap operas. We love to make a battle sound harder. If you don't believe me, answer this. When was the last time you told a weaker version of a story to your best friends. We love to flex our arms.
In school I see this all the time. A few of the heavy drinkers, will talk about the last weekend. They will talk about, how they tossed chunks five to ten different times. But come on, who believes that?
So has this flexing of the arms, made college in to a fish story. In someways i think so. It is kind of like Math. Yes we need it, but who needs Trig? Very few. I think if we all just walked into college seeing it, not as the change, but yet as the car train ride to fame, we might be more happy.
Can man change with out knowing it?

Yes, we can in the most simple of ways. We can change the kind of music we like. We change the color we like the most, and we change how we act around people all the time with out taking in the fact.
I have a little brother. One day he told me that his favorite color was green. A week latter, we were at a store, and i grabbed him green gum. He wanted red. Why? Well he changed. Latter i asked him when he starting likening red. He looked up to me, and said, “I don't know.”

Ocean 12

If you want to see this movie. Dont read. In this movie, we hear about a great heist in Italy. A team goes in a lifts up a house, since it is in watter, no one sees that it is above the foundation, Then they get in a steal the loot. Is there a way to trick a mind into thinking that it is just like normal, while it is really changing a ton. In the movie the house is lifted slowly, so can we teach kids what they want to do, slowly. This is really, a hard question to answer. In someways i think we do. We push kids through the souls of school, and they find what is easiest for them. Some take math, other English. Some take computer science, others take Philosophy. But what happens when a kid likes all of these. Then what does he do? Then where does he go. Sadly, i must say, i think many kids find them selfs at this place, more and more.

Real Names

Once again, if you want to see earthsea, and don't want to know anything about it. DONT READ. In the resent show on SciFi, there was a show on called Earthsea. It was pretty good I must say. And it dealt with one thing i think humans don't see enough of. What is out real name. Job 31 talks about being known and formed for a reason. What is that reason. Each and every one of us are different, but why. In the Earthsea (ES), the main character Zed, has to find the true name of this demon like creators that is hunting him. Knowing the purpose of this deamon was a key factor to figureing out his true name. What if we knew our real name? If someone came down and tapped us on the shoulder and said “Chase you are a writer.” Then this whole change would be a simple accepting of fate. But there is more to it then that.

Freewill – The End All

I know this has been talked about over and over and over again. But i think i means a lot to this topic. Humans are not the dogs. We can be more then just a photocopy of every other human. We can be public speakers, or vets. We can do a lot. If it is as easy as being told, as proposed in the paragraph above, we all are made for that task. But what if we have freewill what if we, are not robots. If we have a choice on what we want to be, then what is it. Freewill should be easy, not hard. But is doing the right thing always easy? No!

Ending – With No Conclusion

I think I am leavening this post, with not conclusion. Which makes most since. I mean, i am a sinor trying to figure out what to do with his life. If I had come to an answer here, then I could go to bed, and be easy at heart, knowing just what it is that I am spoused to be. But, that is not what I have been given. Choice is not simple, it is not easy, it is like eating your own words, hard, but helpful.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Choice, do we have it?

As I have talked of before there is a site dedicated to proving to the world, that we are robots. Well in an email, shown on Philosophy, et cetera, the author of this page say this. If an organism is created by chance that decides to do whatever it likes, it will reduce the survival chances of its genes, not increase them. I first of all I dont think we humans are creators of evolution, but I must also say, I think that Ian, the author of conscious robots is wrong in thinking that evolution would ride us of free will.

See if we are lunched into war, what do we do. FIGHT! But why, most likely we are going to die. But still we go and fight. I belive that this is an example of doing something our minds would tell us DONT DO! But yet we have to go fight, if we dont all that is importent to us will die, so we must fight, to survie, to last.

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