Thursday, December 09, 2004

Love Is The Key - A New Blog To Watch

Love is the key, Yes. But I don't know what I think about this view on the Christian faith. One thing I do agree with is the fact that Mother Marry, was just that a Mother, not a god, we should not worship her. But the idea that Christianity should not be thought of as a religion, I don't know. Then again, it is not just a religion, it is The religion. Being a born again Christian, means that you believe that Jesus has come into your heart, and forgiven your sins. You believe that once you admit your sins to Jesus, his death will save you. Can you be a born again Christian and still be a catholic, or a Baptist, or anything that falls under Christian. Yes. See being born again is the difference between ones of deeds and the ones of faith, though James tells us to watch how we read into that. You can not show your faith, by only saying you also show your faith by what you do.

This is a very interesting blog, I hope that the blogger keeps it going.

Chase Whittemore

Go Play Go

Just because I know the world does not know much about this game. I will give you a nice place to go play Go. Go is a very old game. It had a guest appearance in the movie A Beautiful Mind. It is one of the hardest games to master, and learning it is hard to. But for all you people with great minds for math, there is an online server where you can play some other really smart people. The server is at Kiseido, where you can also get some information on how to play this game. Well I am going to stop talking right now, so go play go. Chase Whittemore

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Woman = Evil

After reading this, I remember this:

Money is the route of all evil

Woman = Money and Time
Time = Money
Woman = Money and Money
Woman = Evil^.5 (square route of evil) and Evil^.5
Woman = Evil

Yep that proves it

Chase Whittemore

This is just a joke, and if any woman read this. Well I just lost some more perspective brides


I just found out about this great and every changing resource. Wikipedia is an open encyclopedia, that is maintained by its users, and there for is always questioning its self.

Chase Whittemore

Just thaught you might want to know

I found this new blog today. I think Alan's blog will be posted in my links soon but for now. Here is just a nice little post telling you all about this blog. The String Theroy is very interesting, and i think i might do some more reading up on it now. So go to Alanyst now, and read.

Chase Whittemore

Law Breaking

Okay, I was having a nice little discustion with my Father a few days ago. The topic was breaking laws. I think that laws, such as gravity, are named wrong. Well I thought that. But my father made me take a different look into this subject. Okay, God gives us 10 laws to fallow. One of them is You must not lie. We all know that. But we can still lie right. I mean God is not stopping us from lieing. I could say that I am a female, and that would be lieing. I have lied. But if I jump up into the air, I have not defied gravity, cause right when I stop going up I go down. Right? So there for I can break the law of lieing, but not of gravity.

But what if we look at it this way. I jump into the sky, and some one takes a picture. If we had never seen some one jump, and did not know that they would soon be falling, we would think that they had defied gravity. Same with a lie, we see someone lie, but we cant see the punishment for there lie. When we jump the punishment, is hitting the ground. When we lie, it is like jumping with our souls, we will soon feel the pain of the ground hitting out inner being.

So we can break the law of gravity, but when we do it breaks us back.

Chase Whittemore
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