Thursday, December 02, 2004

A Well Writen Article on Atheism

I have just read a informative and thought provoking approach to Atheism. Yes I know I am very partial to anti-Atheism, so you who are not might look at this like it is just some stupid idea made by some stupid Christian. But remember, we think the same of Atheism. The blog is at a site called Back of the North Wind, please go read it here, and tell me if you think it makes some good points.

Chase Whittemore

I will post some other thought on this article soon.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Never Comes, When Never Is Made

What if an idea, that is supposed to be limitless, stops an idea that is also limitless? The question of the week is here. First of all, before I start thinking about this one a lot. You can read my inspiration for this question by clicking here. Thanks Garbiel for this post. If the link I just told you about does not make since. Don't worry, I am just going to use an idea, I got while reading this.

If you have not realized, this is going to be another idea that has Infinity running up and down its edges. Yes I am in love. No, I not going to marry Infinity. But here it goes...

While reading Flatterland, one will come up to this chapter that talks about two lines that will never touch, touching. For the sake of simplemindedness we will call them loins. Also lets name two undefined numbers with some variables. T and Y are going to be there names. Now lets have T = the distance between the two lines. And lets let Y = Infinity. Okay time to explain these lines.

We have two loins. They are both converging on each other by T/Y, if you could do this on a calculator you would get undefined for an answer. There for they will never get to each other. The two loins are parallel. But what if we go into a place where the distance these two lines run is Y*T = C. This is not possible on earth, UNLESS we define Infinaty. Which can be found in many places. Where you ask. Well if you are running Windows XP, and if you are I am sorry, and if you have the install backgound on right now. You have an example now. See Infinity is defined on a projective plane. So our loins meat. Windows are also a good example of this.

Okay so what do we have. We have loins, which can never meat, meeting. Does that mean that parallel lines meat, or that projective planes don't exist. Both are true. So we have a never ending thing ending, because something else ends. Not exactly what I wanted to get to. But it is some place.

This blog is based on idea taken from Flatterland. So if you want to get this, read that.

Chase Whittemore

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

New Name

What is in a name any way. A rose by any other name will still smell. Though these are not the pure lines of good old spear shaker, they are good enough for my point today.

I have been thinking about how people find this place. They might use the little navigation bar at the top of many blogs to skip to the next one. I believe this is one of the few, but still one of the ways this blog is found. So I wonder, does any one have a clue what (int)(Math.random()*Philosophy) means. NOPE I DONT THINK SO. So I believe that it might be time for me to come up with a new name. A nice name, a name that says "HEY READ WHAT I HAVE TO SAY!!!! PLEASE" just with a lot more emuph. So, thought I am not blind, I think the blind have to be one of the coolest people alive. So I am going to change this site to, Blindman Talking, Wiseman Walking. Why? Well some times I have good things to say. An by the word good I mean WISE. But most of the time I am blind to what I say and what it means.

Alir J. Black

Cause and Effect

Cause and Effect have to be two of the most interesting things to talk about. As The Matrix 2 taught us all, they come as a pair. Well this morning, and I say morning because it is 5:03 am where I am right now, and I woke up 2 hours from now, yesterday, I have learned a good lesson. Sleep when you have time, but when you can not, Don't! So what do we get to do when life, school, makes it imposible to sleep. Well I must say I have had about five cups of tea, and just got a new appreciated for Animal Crackers. Also, I have been doing a lot of thinking on infinity. Just so every one, who does not read this blog knows, infinity is my favorite number because it is as out of the box as you can get.

The Laws of Infinity: Oh yes, these laws are real, breakable, and not enforced.
The first law of Infinity states "When one passes Infinity, it passes the one."* This is a very interesting law. What it says in plane simple English is, listen closely because it is still cryptic, "Become one greater then Infinity and Infinity will become one more then you."*

This is the part of the class where the teacher, me, goes and drinks more tea. If any one is wondering why I am doing this right now, instead of sleeping like the sane man I will not be in a few 27 hours. It is because I have to go to school in a few hours and going to bed now means that I will most likely be less rested when I wake up. Also, I still have some English that I need to do. Which if I would stop talking about Infinity, would get to. Maybe. Not back to the laws.

Why do I call this idea, a law? That is a question well asked. It is because, I believe that they are not true for all states of action. What? One might say. Well Infinity is infinite right? DUH! Well is it really a number, we talk of it as if we, finite people can define it, capture it, but no we can't. So I call this idea a law, because as many great people before me have said, and as I now do also say. "Laws are meant to be broken." Why else would any one want to make them. Once they are broken they becomes laws. So yes I am somehow saying that Infinity has been broken and that with, and with out, the break in bondage, Infinity has grown. Maybe it is just a monster? Maybe.

If you want to get this more, keep reading this blog, and email me at, doing that will get you a nice little email extending a few of my latest topics. It might also get some of your thoughts on this page.

But if you want to read some one else who is thinking like me. Read Ian Stewart's book Flatterland, and burn your brain to nothing.

I think I might talk about this latter today...HA HA HA

Alir J. Black

* these are my ideas, and if you know of some one else who has them tell me.

Monday, November 29, 2004

Late Night Hamlet... YEAH

Okay, well it is late, and I am working hard on some project I did not know about until today, for a class I wish would just end. So while looking around and trying to find stuff on this great, the only great, play of Shakespeare. Well I was looking around the web and came across this blog, the klog, when I came in contact with a text based game on hamlet. Since this is one of the most PHILOSOPHICAL plays of all time, I thought I would tell you all about the game. Which you may now go burn your eyes out with right now.

Alir J. Black

Color of Life

Well have been reading around on all kinds of stuff, most of it about blogging. I must say there is a lot of good information out there. I think I will do a little blog, listing all the places soon. But not today. Today I am going to talk about Colors. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I did not come up with this whole idea on my own. If you look at my blog links you will see one called frog and raven, and the bloger there talked about the color green.

Summer: Green. Fall: Brown, red, orange, yellow. Winter: WHITE! WHITE! And WHITE!. Spring: Red, Pink, Blue (rain). Each and every time of the year has its own colors. Living my whole life in the north east, I must say I have always taught of these colors to represent their respective seasons until just a few moments ago while reading FAR (frog and raven).

Up here the weather is always changing. So the trees are always losing leaves, gaining snow, losing snow, gaining leaves. The ground is growing green, dyeing brown, and then frosting over. The color of the trees and the ground can almost tell me what it is like out side when I wake up. Right now, it is green, but the green looks like emeralds so it must be cold out side. The pavement is a gray, so it must be dry, and the tress are bare.

The question I am kind of wondering is what would it be like to wake up in the south, where the weather is always warm or hot, or WHERE IS A LAKE WHEN YOU NEED ONE! If I lived in a place like san Jose, where it can be cold, but always green ( as in yellow green), how would life be different. Well this is one example I have lived.

This summer I was out on the west coast. I remember looking out side, and seeing the green ground, I even opened my window and felt the warm breeze. But when I traveled to the coast, I meet the fog. A color I was not yet used to. Yes, we do have fog in the north east, but it is not a good sign of weather, for the fog might tell us rain, but we have fog day, night, warm, cold, we get it no matter what. (if Cali, does too, just tell me). So I meat the cold and while at a Gaints game I FROZE my but off. Did I mention that good old Barry hit a homer that night. WHAT A SURPRISE, NOT! Anyway, I just thought that it was amazing how cold it got, and how the fog told me before I had a chase to tell my self.

If any one has an other examples of how a color and tell you of the weather. Please post a comment.

Alir J. Black

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Following who?

Who do we fallow today? When, late at night, one thinks about what they need to improve on, who do we compare our selfish to. Do we look at a friend and say, oh he is like me, I don't need to change? Do we look at pop culture and think, oh they are worse then I am. They are behind me.

What are we trying to become. What are we forming our selves into. NOTHING! That is just it. America and the American people are looking to no one for guidance. We have no more HERO'S no more models of greatness. In the 60's we had Martin Luther King, in the 80's we were trying to get the computer made, but in the last 10 years what have we DONE. Technology comes from Japan. Everything comes from out side of America. When you turn on the TV and you see an add using, MADE IN THE USA, as something to catch your eye, we must think, what have we come to. What have we come to?

The American People need a new Hero, and we have one. He has always been here. But pop culture pushed him away, and out of our lives. His name is Jesus Christ! He is the only hero, the only hero that can give us hope.

Alir J. Black
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