Thursday, December 16, 2004

What is a feeling?

I have over the last day been doing a lot of think on this subject. Is a feeling, or better yet an emotion, a programmed Reaction, or is it just an explanation for thing not understood. A few blogs I read, have been talking about this. One place I read asked this very same question, but gave little insight. Another Place, Philosophy, et cerera, has been doing an in depth look into emotions and actions and the human mind. Which is just what it is for, so nothing so new. But there is an article on PEC, that I like and does do a lot of thinking. What I think.

Well first off, I do believe that feeling exist. I would have to say that they are our souls mending with the world. An emotion (just want to point out that I am using emotion and feeling(s) interchangeable here) is something we have been trained. It is a worry, or a delight, that our minds have taught our souls to fill with when an event recurs.

First time we fall we do not cry at first, our minds our teaching our souls, that this is bad, then the tears fall down. Latter our soul with weep when other event happen.

Emotions fly high during the fall of innocence. Boys start to like girls, and girls start to like boys. Soon we end up "falling in love". (Love and Hate are the same emotion, just negatives of each other. They also take a long time to teach the soul.) So the girl dumps me. I feel bad.
Then we watch our parents fail us, and now we understand more, and our soul become more dynamic.

How do you describe a two year old, joyful, happy, cute. The word complex never comes up, because to be complex something has to be hard to understand. A baby cries for its mother, that is simple. But why don't parents understand there teens. They are no longer just cute. They are mad, sad, angry, pensive, calm, melancholy, confusing to say the least. See Emotion is a probe looking into the world of man, and trying to give that world, and understand of the soul. Though I must say, it does a very pour job of explaining why we feel this way.

Chase Whittemore




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