Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Never Comes, When Never Is Made

What if an idea, that is supposed to be limitless, stops an idea that is also limitless? The question of the week is here. First of all, before I start thinking about this one a lot. You can read my inspiration for this question by clicking here. Thanks Garbiel for this post. If the link I just told you about does not make since. Don't worry, I am just going to use an idea, I got while reading this.

If you have not realized, this is going to be another idea that has Infinity running up and down its edges. Yes I am in love. No, I not going to marry Infinity. But here it goes...

While reading Flatterland, one will come up to this chapter that talks about two lines that will never touch, touching. For the sake of simplemindedness we will call them loins. Also lets name two undefined numbers with some variables. T and Y are going to be there names. Now lets have T = the distance between the two lines. And lets let Y = Infinity. Okay time to explain these lines.

We have two loins. They are both converging on each other by T/Y, if you could do this on a calculator you would get undefined for an answer. There for they will never get to each other. The two loins are parallel. But what if we go into a place where the distance these two lines run is Y*T = C. This is not possible on earth, UNLESS we define Infinaty. Which can be found in many places. Where you ask. Well if you are running Windows XP, and if you are I am sorry, and if you have the install backgound on right now. You have an example now. See Infinity is defined on a projective plane. So our loins meat. Windows are also a good example of this.

Okay so what do we have. We have loins, which can never meat, meeting. Does that mean that parallel lines meat, or that projective planes don't exist. Both are true. So we have a never ending thing ending, because something else ends. Not exactly what I wanted to get to. But it is some place.

This blog is based on idea taken from Flatterland. So if you want to get this, read that.

Chase Whittemore




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