Sunday, December 19, 2004

Choice, do we have it?

As I have talked of before there is a site dedicated to proving to the world, that we are robots. Well in an email, shown on Philosophy, et cetera, the author of this page say this. If an organism is created by chance that decides to do whatever it likes, it will reduce the survival chances of its genes, not increase them. I first of all I dont think we humans are creators of evolution, but I must also say, I think that Ian, the author of conscious robots is wrong in thinking that evolution would ride us of free will.

See if we are lunched into war, what do we do. FIGHT! But why, most likely we are going to die. But still we go and fight. I belive that this is an example of doing something our minds would tell us DONT DO! But yet we have to go fight, if we dont all that is importent to us will die, so we must fight, to survie, to last.




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