Thursday, December 23, 2004

Barrowing Pants

Barrowing Pants

Once again I have been doing a lot of thinking on changing. There are some people in this world that never change. I know that might not seem important in trying to find away to make and abrupt change smoothly. But think of it this way. In this world we have two types of people, those who are willing to change (the normal public), and those who are not (such as recluses), but if we have two extremes why cant we have middlemen. I know that last time I said changing was binary. But I am questioning that right now. I am starting to think that we can half change, (at least to ourselves, since someone would see you are different and there for changed.) But in our minds we half change all the time. Say we want to become someone, and then halfway to our goal, we stop, that is a partial change. As my physics teacher would say it is all about point of view.

I was watching Office space, which I must say was a mix between stupid and funny, but really neither. The hero of the movie keeps asking people what they would do if they have a million dollars. Most of the time he gets the question why asked right back to him. Then he says that what ever you would do is what your job is supposed to be. I like this logic, if I did not have to worry about money, and just wanted to do something I would most likely like what I was doing right? I sure hope so. So from this I see a lot of people in school barrowing peoples pants. Changing looks with some one else, taking their dream. If two friends grow up together, and end up with the same job, they most likely copied each other, barrowed each others pants for so long that every one else thinks that Person ones paints are person twos paints.

Now if we apply the changing paints idea with make a gradual change between high school and college. I see two ways of doing this. The first is a buddy. I know it sounds stupid and childish, but it makes since. The younger person looks up to the older one. The younger one then grows to be like the older. Now no body wants to be pared up with some kid they don’t even know. I guess bothers or sisters would work, but because we don’t want to limit the older boy from have both a mentor and where he can go to school (since he has to stay to metro his brother). I have a second idea. Slowly movie the kids from the classroom of a high school environment to one of a college. They get the openness college gives and the security the High school supports.

In some English classes I have seen this idea used. The teacher acts more as a mediator over things like book discussion. So each person gets what there pears think, not what the teacher thinks. Yes I see that this will cause people to fallow two or three persons ideas, but I think that is better then the whole student body being brain washed by the teacher.

This is the second part of a many part article, please comments on the ideas posted so far. I am still very much working on this idea, so if I said something here, or if I say something latter on that does not run in fluency with the idea proposed, please comment and tell me. I will write a nice little explanation and tack it on to the next part of the article.


I don't know if i agree with all aspects of "Borrowing Pants" because i have an older brother , when we were younger we always got along but as we got older he started to make some bad desisions. I still looked up to him ain a way but it was more the things that came out of the bad choices that influenced me. They taught me what not to do. I wasn't stealing his "pants" i was taking something out of them. 

Posted by Kayly Barnard

December 23, 2004 at 11:06 AM  



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