Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Why cant we think for our selfs

What has happened now a days, half the population does not think for them selfish. We are becoming more and more like machines taking what we know and doing nothing with it. How are we supposed to have great thinkers when people don't know how things work. How are we supposed to have great minds, when people don't know why things work, or why we, in all things, do stuff a certain way. If one just knows the in the inside angles of a triangle add up too 180 but does not understand the outside angles of each corner are 360 - the inside angle, and if they do know this, but don't know why, how are they supposed to understand how angles work, and come up with new ways to find these angles, new ways to use this information.

Have computers been the done fall of mans thought. In the 70's society questioned its self. But now, in the 2000's what are we doing, we don't try and use logic to figure out who proved that the earth was not the center of the universe, not that we can really prove that one because we don't even know if the universe is THE GOOD OLD SIDE WAYS 8, infinant. But any way, back to the question at hand. Have computer, easy knowledge, hurt our logic? But then again computer programmers have some of the best logic there is today(just my opinion).

Maybe schools are the problem. Are the teachers not teaching kids to figure things out for themselves. I wonder if we took text books out of a class room, and just talked about the math, teacher to student. And asked the students to take guess at what the are coming up with, then maybe they will think for them selfish. In one of my math classes, 10th greedy year, calculus, I had this teacher, who only used the book for homework. He would work with us all class on learning how things happened. He would show us a derivative, and then talk to us about them. It was nice to have a teacher that would talk to us like we were the next rulers of the world, not some little kids.

Any way, I think that we need to start finding ways to teach kids how to think for them selfish, to come up with there own ideas. Many already do this, but they only question there parents and the government, why don't we have the question science. How many things do we preach as fact when they are only theory?

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Alir J. Black




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