Friday, November 26, 2004

Offending Perfection

Wow, how easy it is to offend some one. I seam to learn this lesson almost every day. And two day I have learned it twice over. But still I don't realize what I am doing until I have done it. Why is it that one might know what not to do, but not realize that what they are doing will soon cause what is wrong to have to happen. Is it always stoppable, or is it impossible not to offend someone, that you are around all the time? I think that this image of not offending is not possible, offending makes people think and look at what is going on. Humans are not perfect and there for what they do is not perfect, and offending some one just proves that. It is a byproduct of imperfection, there for it must happen. Don't let that be a reason not to try, I am now saying to my self, we all know that imperfection is impossible, but still we must try. Why? Well I think that if we don't try to move forwards we will fall backwards.

Alir J. Black




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