Tuesday, November 30, 2004

New Name

What is in a name any way. A rose by any other name will still smell. Though these are not the pure lines of good old spear shaker, they are good enough for my point today.

I have been thinking about how people find this place. They might use the little navigation bar at the top of many blogs to skip to the next one. I believe this is one of the few, but still one of the ways this blog is found. So I wonder, does any one have a clue what (int)(Math.random()*Philosophy) means. NOPE I DONT THINK SO. So I believe that it might be time for me to come up with a new name. A nice name, a name that says "HEY READ WHAT I HAVE TO SAY!!!! PLEASE" just with a lot more emuph. So, thought I am not blind, I think the blind have to be one of the coolest people alive. So I am going to change this site to, Blindman Talking, Wiseman Walking. Why? Well some times I have good things to say. An by the word good I mean WISE. But most of the time I am blind to what I say and what it means.

Alir J. Black




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