Sunday, November 28, 2004

Following who?

Who do we fallow today? When, late at night, one thinks about what they need to improve on, who do we compare our selfish to. Do we look at a friend and say, oh he is like me, I don't need to change? Do we look at pop culture and think, oh they are worse then I am. They are behind me.

What are we trying to become. What are we forming our selves into. NOTHING! That is just it. America and the American people are looking to no one for guidance. We have no more HERO'S no more models of greatness. In the 60's we had Martin Luther King, in the 80's we were trying to get the computer made, but in the last 10 years what have we DONE. Technology comes from Japan. Everything comes from out side of America. When you turn on the TV and you see an add using, MADE IN THE USA, as something to catch your eye, we must think, what have we come to. What have we come to?

The American People need a new Hero, and we have one. He has always been here. But pop culture pushed him away, and out of our lives. His name is Jesus Christ! He is the only hero, the only hero that can give us hope.

Alir J. Black




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