Monday, November 29, 2004

Color of Life

Well have been reading around on all kinds of stuff, most of it about blogging. I must say there is a lot of good information out there. I think I will do a little blog, listing all the places soon. But not today. Today I am going to talk about Colors. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I did not come up with this whole idea on my own. If you look at my blog links you will see one called frog and raven, and the bloger there talked about the color green.

Summer: Green. Fall: Brown, red, orange, yellow. Winter: WHITE! WHITE! And WHITE!. Spring: Red, Pink, Blue (rain). Each and every time of the year has its own colors. Living my whole life in the north east, I must say I have always taught of these colors to represent their respective seasons until just a few moments ago while reading FAR (frog and raven).

Up here the weather is always changing. So the trees are always losing leaves, gaining snow, losing snow, gaining leaves. The ground is growing green, dyeing brown, and then frosting over. The color of the trees and the ground can almost tell me what it is like out side when I wake up. Right now, it is green, but the green looks like emeralds so it must be cold out side. The pavement is a gray, so it must be dry, and the tress are bare.

The question I am kind of wondering is what would it be like to wake up in the south, where the weather is always warm or hot, or WHERE IS A LAKE WHEN YOU NEED ONE! If I lived in a place like san Jose, where it can be cold, but always green ( as in yellow green), how would life be different. Well this is one example I have lived.

This summer I was out on the west coast. I remember looking out side, and seeing the green ground, I even opened my window and felt the warm breeze. But when I traveled to the coast, I meet the fog. A color I was not yet used to. Yes, we do have fog in the north east, but it is not a good sign of weather, for the fog might tell us rain, but we have fog day, night, warm, cold, we get it no matter what. (if Cali, does too, just tell me). So I meat the cold and while at a Gaints game I FROZE my but off. Did I mention that good old Barry hit a homer that night. WHAT A SURPRISE, NOT! Anyway, I just thought that it was amazing how cold it got, and how the fog told me before I had a chase to tell my self.

If any one has an other examples of how a color and tell you of the weather. Please post a comment.

Alir J. Black




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