Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Cause and Effect

Cause and Effect have to be two of the most interesting things to talk about. As The Matrix 2 taught us all, they come as a pair. Well this morning, and I say morning because it is 5:03 am where I am right now, and I woke up 2 hours from now, yesterday, I have learned a good lesson. Sleep when you have time, but when you can not, Don't! So what do we get to do when life, school, makes it imposible to sleep. Well I must say I have had about five cups of tea, and just got a new appreciated for Animal Crackers. Also, I have been doing a lot of thinking on infinity. Just so every one, who does not read this blog knows, infinity is my favorite number because it is as out of the box as you can get.

The Laws of Infinity: Oh yes, these laws are real, breakable, and not enforced.
The first law of Infinity states "When one passes Infinity, it passes the one."* This is a very interesting law. What it says in plane simple English is, listen closely because it is still cryptic, "Become one greater then Infinity and Infinity will become one more then you."*

This is the part of the class where the teacher, me, goes and drinks more tea. If any one is wondering why I am doing this right now, instead of sleeping like the sane man I will not be in a few 27 hours. It is because I have to go to school in a few hours and going to bed now means that I will most likely be less rested when I wake up. Also, I still have some English that I need to do. Which if I would stop talking about Infinity, would get to. Maybe. Not back to the laws.

Why do I call this idea, a law? That is a question well asked. It is because, I believe that they are not true for all states of action. What? One might say. Well Infinity is infinite right? DUH! Well is it really a number, we talk of it as if we, finite people can define it, capture it, but no we can't. So I call this idea a law, because as many great people before me have said, and as I now do also say. "Laws are meant to be broken." Why else would any one want to make them. Once they are broken they becomes laws. So yes I am somehow saying that Infinity has been broken and that with, and with out, the break in bondage, Infinity has grown. Maybe it is just a monster? Maybe.

If you want to get this more, keep reading this blog, and email me at intmathran@yahoo.com, doing that will get you a nice little email extending a few of my latest topics. It might also get some of your thoughts on this page.

But if you want to read some one else who is thinking like me. Read Ian Stewart's book Flatterland, and burn your brain to nothing.

I think I might talk about this latter today...HA HA HA

Alir J. Black

* these are my ideas, and if you know of some one else who has them tell me.




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