Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Barrowing Paints (School reason)

I would say that the 7th and the 8th grades are were we become what we are the most. Not only are we changeing cemicaly, but we are starting to think for our selfs. (How many punks are in 7/8th)

I have a lot of mememories form that time. One is of alot of my frineds wereing other peoples clouths. Now, when I look out on the female population I have relized that they were not only barrowing paint, but dreams.

I am pretty much a loner when it comes to guys. I really only had two friends that were guys untill last my juinor year. So I used to sit around a listen to a lot of girl talk. (I find that females are more willing to reveal what they are thinking to others them males. we just dont like talking about emotion) In that girl talk i used to always hear the same names popping up.

"Oh I like tim"
"me too"
"me too."

I used to wonder how one guy would grab so many hearts. I, see it in guys now too. We think that a one girl is hot then another. But it seams to always be the same girl between us. (this is per click)

So that is why I think school, a popualtion at all, takes away form us.

I do have more to say on this. But not today.

The question I asked the sparked this topic for me was: Why do so many people end up liveing a dream, not there own.

Untill latter

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Another Question Comes!

This is in responce to a question rased by Kitlulu, in post # 12 comment # 1 or blindsphere (blogladder)


"Sometimes I wonder if our emotions are really ours or whether they
exist in the spaces between us..." - kitlulu

I see emotions as a product of a few things. 1) is what kind of person
are we. Were one was born interverted, of extratverted. 2)is what was
our family life like. I can see emotions as being things that lie
between gapes if, and only if the one forced his emotions away and out
as a protection device for himself. 3) Where is this one liveing, I
guess I am going to go back on my only if and say the same thing here

So I guess the question that first needs to be anwserd is what are
emotions. Are they the soul trying to been seen via the flesh, or are
the the product of ones envorment.

I would have to say that the anwser might be less black and white then
a math geek like my self might want to see it as. I think that it is
both. Our soul is trying to push outwards and get past out thick
skulls that we need something, or maybe that we have something. I see
that as emotion. But I also see emotion in the case of Sampson and I.
I grew up in New England. Though my blood might lay back in the big
CO, I am a New England guy. That is what the good old NE has done to
me. So what do I do during football season, I route for NE. Where
Sampson routes for Denver. The same with Dad, and you. I wonder now if
Uncle Terry routes for Denver still?

I guess I should say that this was first to my Uncle Michael. So the last Paragraph where it talks about my cousin, father and uncles. Please relize that they all grew up in Denver. My dad lives in NE, and my uncle Terry lives near the western cost line now.

kitlulu said this to that HERE

2)is what was our family life like. I can see emotions as being things that lie
between gapes if, and only if the one forced his emotions away and out
as a protection device for himself.
You just stunned me into thinking in a brand new way. I'm a little shaken by this, I must admit.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Ideas to explore

I have been talking to my uncle of late. We have been talking about the essence of man. So I am going to post what he said to me. Uncle Michael, I am sorry I forgot to ask you if this was alright. So If not just tell me and I will remove it.

"I believe that man essentially is a spirit born into a magnificent machine. The spirit knows from its beginning that it is not complete. This awareness is perceived differently by different minds, so the search for completeness takes innumerable paths. I, personally, believe that coming to God through Jesus Christ is the only way to fufill our spirit (or essence)."

I replyed to this with...

"About the essence of man, I am very much in a draw right now. Man asin all men, I think very much along the lines of what you said. We arenot flesh but yet also a spirt. All of our stuggles are caused by ourflesh trying to please a spirt that can only be pleased by the love and salvation we are given by Jesus.

But I am very must in a qundray one what a single mans spirt needs todo, not only to receive the gift from god, being the love of christ,but also to use it in the best way. I guess I have come to the pointin my life, were school and work and all those things that we do outof ritual only has a purpose if the flesh and spirt have a purpose.Knowing that I do, I have set out not only to find that purpose, butalso to try and explane to others that the purpose is never money orwealth. 'Store your tressures up in heaven.'"

These next 2 ideas, I view as not false truths. In this I mean that they are not true, as in I don't think they are right. but since they are view points, they can not be proven wroung. I view them as incomplete.

1a) Man is emotion. Love, kindness, hatred. With out this one element,his is nether an artist or a thinker. He can not contemplate logic orquestion law. With out emotion man is a robot, controlled by laws hedoes not understand and can not explain.

1b) Each man is known by his disposition. His out look on life mightnot be whispered in private, or screamed in a public arena, but it isalways worn, always evident. If you take away his disposition, he isnot who he should be, but yet a lesser model.

1c) The above is true.But all disposition changes with time, so man infact changes with time. So when showing man, we must not look at along period in time, but yet a short glimpse.

2) Okay, the above 3 all come from the same Idea that a man is hisemotions. My last view point is that man is what his obsessions make him. So, being in love with this current line of thought, I am a wantto be wise man. But taking this love away means that it must bereplaced quickly or else I am just a whisper floating though time. Iam half taking this from the book "Wild at heart". The author said that a man is his quest a woman should neverbe the quest, but should always help with the quest.

[ADDTION #1: 02/11/05: 11:15 PM]

"I don't know that we are our emotions, but agree that our
emotions affect everything we do, even, perhaps especially, if we attempt to
mask them."
-kitlulu (comment # 1)

I find this very ture. I think that if we only look at the emotions of a man, and not also at the reason or the logic that comes and forms that emotion we might miss that which really is the Essence of the man.

I now must wonder very much what kind of things we all miss because we think, oh she is just crying because she is a cryer. I wonder now, why she is crying? Why is she a cryer? If we take emotion at face value and try to make them in to our selfs they will not add up. But what if we take our emotions and our reasons, add them up, then have we created them man.

"Sketch a glimpse of a man, or observe the changing seasons - is one truer than the other?" -kitlulu (comment # 1)

I must say that I see both of these as false and true. In one way Sketching a glimpse will give the viewer a better picture of the man, and in anther way, watching the changing seasons of a mans life will give a a better picture of the man.

Say I am trying to explane something that just happend. And I don't wish to have the whys come up all the time. For this I stand up and frankly say what happend. "HE KILLED ME."

Now say I need to explane to the judge why he killed me. Here I would sit back and tell a few things about the "He" who killed me. First I might say that he has been going though a tuff time right now, and from that show that his father left him durring another hard time in his life. I might also say that he has been seeing someone for help, but because of the snow that we have been haveing for the last few days, he was not able to see that person. Now I have given motive.

I think that if we use those two examples we can see that yes, neather is truer then the other, just one is more detailed. They both have the own right to be used in.

Sometimes I wonder if our emotions are really ours or whether they exist in
the spaces between us... -
(comment # 1)

This is a great question, that I think gets onto a topic a wanted to speek on a few weeks ago, but did not yet, and still do not know how to explane.

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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Life is to short, to worry. DUH! But I have not come to that conclution, to the point of acting with it, untill now. Why do we, humans, think so much about what we do. I mean, if I sit here and ask my self what the best anwser is, I am more likely to have missed my chance, then not to have. Plus, it has been proven that when takeing a test, to always go with your first idea, DONT QUESTION YOUR SELF. But we do. So my question to the world is, where would you be if you had not been reading this, well go there. And if that place, is not going to help your obtan your goal in life, go somewhere else. Life is to short to sit and read this blog, unless that is your goal, or you need to vent some steam, and by reading this blog, that happens. (That is the case with me)

So go and live life, carpi deim, or noctum, or what ever you want to say. JUST CARPI VITA, seize life.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

I have started to...

I have started to relize how one sentence can have so many different meanings. I just heard a story about two men walking down the street. One of them reads a weather vane that says God is Good, and says that that is a bad place for the sentence to go. He goes on to say that it is not right because Gods Goodness is not controled by the wind. The other man pipes up and says. No it is a good place. Becaues God is good no mater which way the wind points.

I think that this is a prime example to show us that Words not only mean different things to different people. But also where the words are might switch there views.

Our world effects our view.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

It is the question the drives us!

I was told a few moments ago, by a friend, that my poem was good. I asked her why. She said that at first she did not get it, but the more she read it the more she got, and the more she liked, but still she did not get all of it.

1) That humans like not understanding things the first time. We want to be able to understand things, but we do not wish for those things to come easy.
2) That we are built to do things n times (where n is greater then one).
3) The more we try to understand the more we understand. But we can never completely understand all things. Most people try to understand, and only half hear what is said.

1) My firend read the poem the second time because she did not get it. We watch movies, like the matrix, that we can have little possiblety of complete understanding. We watch them over and over again.
2) We read books we like again. We read poems we like again. We play games we like, again. We eat food, watch tv shows. We talk to people, and got out with people we like, again. We do what we like to do, more then once. So simple things like reading a short poem are easy to do twice and there fore liked more.
3) My exboss listened only to have of what I said. Once i get to a crutal point, where things seem right and done, she would stop listening and then boom, she was lost, did not understand. But she was not willing to ever admit that. So i dont work there

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Change Of Year, Change of Scope

Hey, just thaught that i would tell every one that with the new year, i am going to change this whole opperation around, and use blindwise as a place to post only my edited, done, ideas. So read blindsphere and use links in posts to get to new stuff on the 3 side blogs.

Hey uncle Mike, Denver made it. Talk about something I never thaught would have happend. But then again miracles do come when we dont expect them.

Chase Whittemore

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Quotes, From My Readers

"It's no longer about flying over the tallest building or being a hero it's about making money and being better than those who came before you."

Kaylyn Barnard, from a "Dreams" comment

Barrowing Pants

Barrowing Pants

Once again I have been doing a lot of thinking on changing. There are some people in this world that never change. I know that might not seem important in trying to find away to make and abrupt change smoothly. But think of it this way. In this world we have two types of people, those who are willing to change (the normal public), and those who are not (such as recluses), but if we have two extremes why cant we have middlemen. I know that last time I said changing was binary. But I am questioning that right now. I am starting to think that we can half change, (at least to ourselves, since someone would see you are different and there for changed.) But in our minds we half change all the time. Say we want to become someone, and then halfway to our goal, we stop, that is a partial change. As my physics teacher would say it is all about point of view.

I was watching Office space, which I must say was a mix between stupid and funny, but really neither. The hero of the movie keeps asking people what they would do if they have a million dollars. Most of the time he gets the question why asked right back to him. Then he says that what ever you would do is what your job is supposed to be. I like this logic, if I did not have to worry about money, and just wanted to do something I would most likely like what I was doing right? I sure hope so. So from this I see a lot of people in school barrowing peoples pants. Changing looks with some one else, taking their dream. If two friends grow up together, and end up with the same job, they most likely copied each other, barrowed each others pants for so long that every one else thinks that Person ones paints are person twos paints.

Now if we apply the changing paints idea with make a gradual change between high school and college. I see two ways of doing this. The first is a buddy. I know it sounds stupid and childish, but it makes since. The younger person looks up to the older one. The younger one then grows to be like the older. Now no body wants to be pared up with some kid they don’t even know. I guess bothers or sisters would work, but because we don’t want to limit the older boy from have both a mentor and where he can go to school (since he has to stay to metro his brother). I have a second idea. Slowly movie the kids from the classroom of a high school environment to one of a college. They get the openness college gives and the security the High school supports.

In some English classes I have seen this idea used. The teacher acts more as a mediator over things like book discussion. So each person gets what there pears think, not what the teacher thinks. Yes I see that this will cause people to fallow two or three persons ideas, but I think that is better then the whole student body being brain washed by the teacher.

This is the second part of a many part article, please comments on the ideas posted so far. I am still very much working on this idea, so if I said something here, or if I say something latter on that does not run in fluency with the idea proposed, please comment and tell me. I will write a nice little explanation and tack it on to the next part of the article.
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